Two sixth place finishes for Canada at Warsaw Cup

WARSAW – Emily Bausback of Vancouver and ice dancers Alicia Fabbri of Terrebonne, Que., and Paul Ayer of Calgary placed sixth on Sunday at the Warsaw Cup figure skating competition.

In women’s competition, Ekaterina Kurakova of Poland won the gold medal with 201.47 points, Bradie Tennell of the U.S. was second at 189.01 and Elizaveta Nugumanova of Russia was third at 186.02.

Bausback was ninth after Friday’s short program and delivered the sixth best free skate to finish with 172.48.

“I’m really happy with my performance and my ability to overcome some challenges,” said Bausback, 17. “I handled my nerves really well and trusted my training. I was proud to reach the scores I wanted.”

Alison Schumacher of Tecumseh, Ont., was eighth.

“I had more attack in both programs,” said Schumacher, 16. “I was committed to my elements.”

In ice dancing, Marie-Jade Lauriault and Romain Le Gac of France won the gold medal with Ksenia Konkina and Pavel Drozd of Russia second and Caroline Green and Michael Parsons of the U.S third.

Fabbri and Ayer remained in sixth place.

“With this free dance we were hoping for a little bit more performance-wise after surpassing our expectations in the rhythm dance,” said Ayer, ninth with his partner at the world juniors last season. “But this was a very valuable experience for us to compete at this level.”

It was the senior level international debut for all three Canadian entries.

On Saturday, Justine Brasseur and Mark Bardei of Montreal won the bronze medal in pairs

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Brasseur and Bardei win bronze at Warsaw Cup

WARSAW – Justine Brasseur and Mark Bardei of Montreal won the bronze medal in pairs on Saturday at the Warsaw Cup figure skating competition, a stop on the 2019 ISU Challenger series.

In pairs, Jessica Calalang and Brian Johnson of the U.S. took the gold medal with 191.46 points, Alena Pepeleva and Roman Pleshkov of Russia were second at 188.79 and Brasseur an Bardei moved from fourth after the short program to third at 172.21.

“We came over here very well prepared and we skated to the best of our abilities,” said Brasseur. “We still had some small errors but we worked hard to perfect some elements and that really helped us.”

Bardei is a former skater with Ukraine and joined forces with Brasseur in 2017. He saw his parents for the first time in two years this week at the event.

“At this point I was just happy to see them,” said Bardei. “It didn’t put any additional pressure on me or make me anxious with them in the audience.”

Lori-Ann Matte and Thierry Ferland of Lévis, Que., were seventh and Nadine Wang and Francis Boudreau-Audet of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., were ninth.

“We came back strong after a subpar short program,” said Matte. The pair scored a personal best free skate of 100.88. “There was some challenges with the scheduling here this week but that’s only going to make us stronger.”

In men’s competition, Andrei Mozalev led Russia to a 1-2 finish while Joseph Phan of Laval, Que., took fifth spot with 198.80 less than seven points from third.

“It was an OK performance with errors in both programs,” said Phan. “But I had no doubts in my program and attacked it.”

After the short program in women’s competition, Alison Schumacher of Tecumseh, Ont., is fifth and Emily Bausback of Vancouver ninth.

After the rhythm dance, Alicia Fabbri of Terrebonne, Que., and Paul Ayer of Calgary are sixth.

The women’s free skate and the free dance are on Sunday.

Full results: 2019 Warsaw Cup

Canadian skaters headed to Poland for Warsaw Cup

OTTAWA, ON: Skate Canada will have seven entries, for a total of 11 skaters competing at the 2019 Warsaw Cup in Warsaw, Poland, from  November 14-17, 2019. Team Canada will have one entry in men, two entries in women, three entries in pairs and one entry in ice dance at the 2019 ISU Challenger series event.

Joseph Phan, 18, Laval, Que., will be the lone Canadian entry in men. This season, he finished fifth at JGP Baltic Cup and sixth at JGP Riga Cup. He is coached by Brian Orser in Toronto, Ont.

Alison Schumacher, 16, Tecumseh, Ont., will be the first of two Canadian entries in women. On the JGP circuit, she finished seventh at Croatia and 18th at Courchevel. Alison is coached by Brian Orser and Joey Russell in Toronto, Ont.

Emily Bausback, 17, Vancouver, B.C., will be the second Canadian entry in women. Earlier this season, she placed sixth at JGP Lake Placid and she is coached by Joanne McLeod in Burnaby, B.C.

Justine Brasseur, 18, Brossard, Que., and Mark Bardei, 23, Montreal, Que, will be the first of three Canadian entries in pairs. Last season, the team placed fifth at the 2019 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships. They are coached by Richard Gauthier in St- Léonard, Que.

Nadine Wang, 20, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., and Francis Boudreau-Audet, 25, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., will be the second Canadian entry in pairs. Earlier this season, the duo finished ninth at the ISU Challenger series event U.S. International Figure Skating Classic. They are coached by Richard Gauthier.

Lori-Ann Matte, 20, Lévis, Que., and Thierry Ferland, 22, Lévis, Que., will round out the Canadian entries in pairs. At the U.S. International Figure Skating Classic, the two finished eighth. They are coached by Richard Gauthier in Montreal, Que.

Alicia Fabbri, 16, Terrebonne, Que., and Paul Ayer, 21, Calgary. Alta., will be the Canadian entry in ice dance. Last season, the team finished ninth at the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships. They are coached by Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon in Montreal, Que.

André Bourgeois, Skate Canada NextGen Director, will be the Canadian team leader at the event. Physiotherapist Paige Larson of North Vancouver, B.C., will be the Canadian medical staff onsite. Beth Crane of Burnaby, B.C., and Erica Topolski of Fredericton, N.B., will be the Canadian officials attending the event.

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Men Joseph Phan 18 Laval, Que. CPA Laval Brian Orser
Women Alison Schumacher 16 Tecumseh, Ont. Granite Club / Toronto CS & CC Brian Orser / Joey Russell
Women Emily Bausback 17 Vancouver, B.C. Champs International SC of B.C. Joanne McLeod
Pairs Justine Brasseur / Mard Bardei 18 / 23 Brossard, Que. / Montreal, Que CPA Brossard Richard Gauthier
Pairs Nadine Wang / Francis Boudreau-Audet 20 / 25 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. / Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. Maroposa WC / CPA St Jean Richard Gauthier
Pairs Lori-Ann Matte / Thierry Ferland 20 /22 Lévis, Que. / Lévis, Que. CPA St. Romuald – St. Jean / CPA St Romuald – St. Jean Richard Gauthier
Ice Dance Alicia Fabbri / Paul Ayer 16 / 21 Terrebonne, Que., / Calgary, Alta. CPA Terrebonne / Calalta Calgary Marie-France Dubreuil / Patrice Lauzon