ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Canada 2018

Minoru Arenas | Richmond, BC
September 12-15, 2018

Start Orders / Results
September 12 -15, 2018
All tickets are general admission and ticket prices are $10 per day or $25 for a full (three day) pass. Admission is free for children ages 12 and under.
All competition will be live streamed.
Live Streaming

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Official practice

Thursday, September 13, 2018
LADIES – Short Program
ICE DANCE – Rhythm Dance
MEN – Short Program

Friday, September 14, 2018
PAIRS – Short Program
LADIES – Free Skating
ICE DANCE – Free Dance

Saturday, September 15, 2018
MEN – Free Skating
PAIRS – Free Skating

Please note:
This schedule is subject to changes and will be updated in accordance with the final
number of entries.

No information available at this time. Please check back closer to the event.
ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Canada 2018



What is the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Canada 2018?
The ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating series began in 1997. Each year, various ISU member nations host a total of seven qualifying events for Junior skaters which conclude with the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final ®. This year’s events take place in: Slovakia, Austria, Lithuania, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Armenia, with the final taking place in Canada.

Each skater/team can be assigned a maximum of two events. Skaters are awarded points based on their placements at their events. The top six from each discipline (men, ladies, pair and ice dance) qualify for the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final.

Where is ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2018/19 being held?
All competition events and practices for the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Canada 2018 will be held at the Minoru Arenas in Richmond, British Columbia.

What time are the events and when do the doors open?
The event schedule will be available in late summer of 2018.  At this time official practices are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 with competition beginning Thursday, September 13 ending on Saturday, September 15, 2018. Competition start times are subject to change up to and including the week of the event. The doors open each day 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the first practice.

The most up-to-date schedule is posted on the Skate Canada website at  It is recommended that fans visit our website regularly to keep track of any schedule changes.  Tickets are non-refundable, regardless of any schedule changes.

I am travelling from out of town. How should I book my travel and hotel room when I don’t know the start and end times of the competition?
It is always recommended fans book travel based on the event dates as the full schedule will not be finalized until much closer to the event.

Which athletes will be competing at this event?
This event hosts junior skaters from around the globe. Each skater/team can be assigned a maximum of two events. Skaters are awarded points based on their placements at their events. The top six from each discipline (men, ladies, pair and ice dance) qualify for the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final.



How do I purchase tickets for the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Canada 2018?
All-event ticket packages are now on sale. All-event ticket packages will include all competitions as well as all official practices. All ticket sales are final.

Tickets can be purchased the following ways:

  • Online at ca

If a family member is a Skate Canada member or a Skate Canada volunteer, how do I order my tickets?
Order tickets through the same channels as the general public. Members are encouraged to watch for e-mails with information about special offers exclusive to Skate Canada members, including advance sales on all-event ticket packages.

What is included in the all-event ticket package?
The all-event ticket package gives access to the entire event including admission to all competition events and official practices. If planning on attending multiple event sessions, an all-event ticket package is the most economical way to purchase.

How do I obtain entry to the practice sessions?
The following tickets are required to attend practices:

  • Wednesday Practices – Wednesday Practice Event Ticket
  • Thursday Practices – Thursday Event Ticket
  • Friday Morning Practices – Friday Event Ticket
  • Saturday Morning Practices – Saturday Event Ticket

All-event ticket package holders will have access to all official practices with either their practice day ticket or their daily ticket (except Gala practice that is closed to the public).

Are there any discounts for groups?
There are no discounts for large orders on all-event ticket packages.  For Groups of 30 or more, please email [email protected] for preferred seating, subject to availability.

Do I receive the same seats for each event?
All tickets are general admission and seats are not reserved.  Fans are seated on a first-come, first-serve basis daily.

Why are my seats flagged as being partially obstructed?
Due to the construction of the two-tiered judges’ stand, commentator platforms, kiss and cry and the installation of television cameras, some seats may become partially obstructed in these areas. Skate Canada attempts to predict which seats may or may not be obstructed before tickets go on sale however it is uncertain which seats will be obstructed until on-site construction is complete at the event and checks on the view have been completed.

Do children require a ticket?
Admission is free for children ages 12 and under.

Where is the kiss and cry located?
The kiss and cry will be located on the south side of the rink.

Where is the judges’ stand located?
The judges’ stand will be constructed on the west side of the rink within the existing players bench.

When will I receive my tickets in the mail?
All tickets are print at home, please bring a copy of your ticket or have a copy saved on your cellular device.

Are tickets transferable or refundable? 
Tickets are not refundable and there will be no exceptions to this policy.  The event schedule and the athletes competing are always subject to change.  The all-event ticket package can be broken down by session and shared however no individual event session ticket can be used by more than one person per session.

What do I do if my tickets are lost?
If you have lost your tickets, please sign back into your email and retrieve the email that was sent to you as proof of purchase.



Can I bring my camera and take pictures during the event?
At Skate Canada events, spectators are permitted to use small point and shoot cameras for personal use only.  The following guidelines will be enforced:

  • No flash photography
  • No camera bags in venue
  • No use of professional cameras and/or detachable lenses
  • Camera cannot interfere with otherfans’ enjoyment
  • Any resale of photography or posting photos on professional websites is strictly prohibited
  • Absolutely no video recording is allowed.  Only accredited coaches and team managers may be permitted to videotape their own skater/team from rinksideduring that skater’s/team’s practice or performance.  If athletes wish to obtain a video of their programs, they may purchase a copy from the licensed video distributor on site if applicable.

Spectators not abiding by these restrictions risk having their camera confiscated by venue security staff. Additionally, Skate Canada staff reserves the right to restrict use of other types of cameras should they feel the quality and/or type of camera fail to protect the athletes’ and/or event’s interests.

Why does Skate Canada have a camera policy?
This policy is in place at events to protect the safety and privacy of athletes and to ensure a distraction free environment for all spectators. This camera policy falls in line with venue and other sport organization policies.

If I have a gift for an athlete how do I get it to them?
Gifts for athletes should be taken to the venue’s Guest Services. If the venue does not have a Guest Services then please leave your gift at the ticketing table or booth. Gifts that are not flowers or plush toys/stuffed animals should not be thrown on the ice.

Can I bring my own food and beverages to the event?
Outside food and beverage are NOT permitted in the arena. Refillable water bottles are permitted. Concession stands will be open throughout the event.

What type of food and beverage options are available at Minoru Area?
The Time Out Café concession stand is located at the arena and include a variety of healthy meals and concession classics.

 Can I bring flags, banners or noisemakers to the event?
Handheld flags and fan signs are permitted in the arena however must not obstruct the view of or distract other patrons in the stands. Larger fan banners that are intended to be hung in the arena must be hung at either end of the arena with non-damaging tape, rope or zip-ties. Skate Canada is not responsible for lost or damaged banners.  Banners may be moved within the arena by venue staff at their discretion.

Airhorns and noisemakers requiring batteries or compressed air are not permitted in the arena. Small handheld noisemakers may only be used following a skater’s program or during ice resurfacing.

Flags, signs/banners and noisemakers must be stowed away when asked by venue or Skate Canada staff if they become disruptive to fellow patrons.

Are there in and out privileges during each day of the event?
Yes, and it is important to keep your ticket with you to allow re-entry to the building.  Be sure to check with door staff when leaving in case you require a hand stamp, special pass or to be scanned out.

Is smoking allowed in the building?
This is a smoke-free building.  Smoking is only permitted in exterior designated areas.

Are there hotels and restaurants located close to the rink? 
To find a list of hotels and restaurants in Richmond, please visit

Does Skate Canada supply transportation to and from the arena?
Skate Canada does not offer transportation for spectators. For information on public transportation, visit the City of Richmond.

Is parking available at Minoru Arena?
Minoru arena offers free on-site parking.

How can I volunteer for this event?
Click here for information on how to volunteer for this event!

Will this event be broadcast or streamed? 
The entire event will streamed on the official ISU YouTube channel. Check the ISU website for more details.


Where can I send a question if it does not appear on this list?
If you have any questions which are not answered here, please forward them to [email protected]


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