Basic Jump Technique & Exercises – Yvan Desjardins
In this workshop, Yvan will explore effective motor patterns to build solid fundamental jumps. He will also explore practical and effective jump technique that coaches can apply daily.

Spins 101: Insights & Tips – Paige Aistrop
This workshop will focus on spin technique with key points to achieving higher spin levels, reviewing many different difficult features and variations. It will also focus on building strong spins to maximize GOEs.

Assessing in STAR 1-5 – Monica Lockie, Heather McMahon
As a new skill to coaches, this workshop will offer an opportunity to see assessments done in different formats, and for coaches to practice their assessment skills with skaters on the session. Strategies, tips and key information will be highlighted throughout.

Advanced Jump Technique Parts 1 & 2 – Brian Orser
These sessions will offer exercises to improve jump height and rotation, and will also review effective ways to improve quickness in take-offs and air positions.

Synchronized Skating – Marilyn Langlois
This workshop will offer creative skating skills exercises to enhance technical elements and choreographic moves with transitions that will highlight winning strategies to increase the second mark.

Program Components (Off-and-On-Ice) – Shae Zukiwsky
Shae will provide participants with two classes: one off-ice and one on-ice.  The off-ice class will be centered upon understanding the CPC Judging System. Emphasis will be upon the Program Components of “Skating Skills” and “Performance”. His on-ice class will further develop ideas presented in the off-ice session. Shae will teach a broad range of new skating exercises that promote the development of basic skating skills and performance skills. Both the off-ice and on-ice class utilize participant-based learning; so be ready to be engaged and to have some fun.

Safe Sport Plenary: Swift Current – Sheldon Kennedy
This session will begin with a screening of SWIFT CURRENT a documentary about Sheldon Kennedy, the National Hockey League player whose self-destructive behaviour finally made sense when he came out to the world as a survivor of sex abuse at the hands of Graham James, his coach with the Swift Current Broncos. SWIFT CURRENT is a devastating portrait of a man who struggles to come to terms with his brutal childhood trauma, and a startling depiction of sexual abuse’s long-term impact. Following the movie will be a keynote address by Sheldon himself. Sheldon’s impactful story and belief in creating and supporting safe sporting environments for children reinforces the importance of Skate Canada’s Safe Sport initiative.

From 3-time Academy Award winner Mark Jonathan Harris, Executive Producer James Gray, and Lost for Life director Joshua Rofé comes a documentary film about Sheldon Kennedy, former NHL hockey player & survivor of sexual abuse – providing a startling & never before seen look at recovery from childhood sexual abuse trauma.

SWIFT CURRENT – Official Trailer from Avenue Z Films on Vimeo.

Skate Canada Financial Update – Debra Armstrong
This Q & A session will be an opportunity for an open and transparent discussion regarding the financial health of Skate Canada. We look forward to sharing the audited financial statements for 2016-2017, discussing the budget development process, and outlining the work of the Finance & Enterprise Risk Management Committee during the past season. Bring your enthusiasm for financial queries!

Best-in-Class Club Management Strategies – Joni McPhail, Bryce Thomas, Jacqueline Kwan
Gain fresh inspiration while learning best-in-class club management strategies that will help streamline your club’s operations, enhance parent/skater engagement, and strengthen your board and coaching team relationships.

Planning 2017-2018 Together – Debra Armstrong and Terry Sheahan
With input from our sections, this session will introduce the 2017-2018 Skate Canada goals and objectives and through interactive exercises, together we will create a culture of execution for effective organizational alignment for the new season.

Enhancing Your Knowledge to Make Informed Decisions in the Competitive Environment
 – Karen Howard, Nicole LeBlanc-Richard, Sally Rehorick, Karen Butcher
This session will examine the interruption rule by breaking it down into various scenarios in order that coaches and athletes can make an informed decision if/when something occurs at a competition. Workshop format will include a power point presentation, video example(s), guest panel discussion as well as time for a Q & A session.

Club Board Effectiveness 101 – Jeff Partrick, Norm Proft
Strategic planning is perceived as boring, unnecessary or even intimidating but it does not have to be. Make it fun!  Join us for this interactive workshop where we will help you think about strategic planning differently and make an effective plan easily attainable for your club/skating school. Effective strategic planning focuses the energy, resources and time of everyone in your club/skating school to create the best skating environment for your customers.  Oh, and did we mention there will be prizes?!

Responsible Coaching and Dispute Resolution – Ilan Yampolsky
This session will cover The Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM) which is designed to address the role coaches play with issues relating to the health and safety of athletes, both on and off the field of play.  Tips on how to effectively deal with disputes at the club, section and national level.  Time for a Q & A session as well as the opportunity to share best practices.

Performance Coaching Using Proper Reflection: The Resilient Coach/Leader/Skater – Dr. Peter Jensen
Like many things resilience starts with awareness/self-reflection. It is what now called a Mega Skill in that it transcends across numerous areas of performance and life. It is a precondition to innovation, essential in dealing with adversity and totally connected to mental preparation. It is invaluable in any arena where the need for excellence and pressure are equally present.

Modernizing the Judging Pathway – André-Marc Allain, Beth Liverman
Today, it takes on average 5 to 10 years to become certified as judge to the Senior level in one or more disciplines at the Section level, and as such, individuals will attend approximately 21 different clinics. This session will examine the modernization of the curriculum and training methodology to reduce barriers to judging promotions.

New STAR 1-5: Ready-Set-Go! – Monica Lockie, Heather McMahon
This workshop will review key information regarding STAR 1-5. Clubs and coaches will work through problem areas, share best practices and explore possibilities. Bring your ideas, success stories and questions!

Non-Positional Leadership – What Officials Do When They Are Not Holding a Clipboard – Sally Rehorick, Andrea Derby
This session will look at the variety of unexpected ways our officials, including judges, referees, data specialists, technical controllers and technical specialists contribute to the development of our sport. Using the idea of non-positional leadership, Andrea and Sally will use examples from their own work in skating to illustrate how leading from the middle can be an effective way to have a positive influence on many aspects within and outside of our sport.