Ice Summit 2016. Converge. Connect. Collaborate.

MAY 25 – 28, 2016
St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
Formerly the ACGM and NCC

Thursday Workshops

Creative Movements

– Presented by Anne Schelter
Through interactive exercises, Anne’s creative movement workshop will provide you with the tools to refine your skater’s improvisation skills. Although being on the ice is not required, it is definitely recommended and will be a lot more fun!

Program Components

– Presented by David Wilson
In this workshop, David will highlight all five program components and share key concepts to help grasp a better understanding and application of PCs. In his creative delivery, David will share the essentials for good quality choreography, intricate movement and transitions.

Mental Training for Optimal Performance

– Presented by Dr. Judy Goss
A key ingredient for optimal performance is understanding and identifying an athlete’s ideal performance state.  Dr. Judy Goss will share what factors affect athlete’s ability to focus and manage their nerves.

Mental skills need to be integrated into both practice and competition.  Learn how to provide athletes the opportunities to develop and refine the mental skills in practice so that they can use them effectively in competition.

Down to Basics: Double Jumps

– Presented by Joanne McLeod & Bruno Marcotte
Building the foundation of technique in timing, blade skills, amplitude, and good biomechanics is key to quality jumps. Joanne and Bruno will cover the basics for both edge and toe jumps up to and including double Axel.

Skating Skills for Synchro

– Presented by Anne Schelter
The ability to perform in unison requires strong fundamental skills. Come learn how to improve your team’s power, style, edge quality, unison and program components score with Anne Schelter, coach of NEXXICE Senior, the 2015 World Synchronized Skating Champions.

National Performance Centres – They’re For You!

– Presented by Monica Lockie
With a clear mandate to support Skate Canada coaches and skaters along their path to personal excellence, our National Performance Centres (NPC) play an integral role in supporting Skate Canada’s long-term strategy for developing athletes. Come learn and explore the various resources NPC can offer you and review what’s in store in the different parts of the country.

Skating Essentials: Figure Skating & Hockey

– Presented by Anne Schelter & Joel Lenius
Get ready to move with Anne & Joel! Come explore the basic traits for proper balance, glide, lean and rhythmic movement to ensure development of good skating technique. No fancy tricks or sticks, only exercises for getting figure skaters and hockey players to enjoy the thrill of moving naturally and effortlessly across the ice.

Pair Skating

– Presented by Bruno Marcotte, Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford
Pair skating continues to be a spectacular discipline in Figure Skating. Similar to singles, this technical workshop will give you tips to help refine and improve pair skating elements. This dynamic trio will make it worth your time for those who currently coach pair teams and those who are interested in getting started as a pairs coach!

Off-Ice for Elite Athletes

– Presented by Joanne McLeod
Learn how to educate skaters to better understand and use their core, “glutes”, and hip base relating to skating movement. To help prevent injuries to feet, lower back, ankle, and knee joints, Joanne will incorporate stretch and strength exercises suited for today’s singles skaters. She will share ways to develop rotational technique, posture, and quickness in jumps including tricks for proper coordination in flying spins and overall balance in all spins.

New STAR Program

– Presented by Monica Lockie
If you missed last year’s STAR workshop, you definitely want to come see what Monica has in store this year. This workshop will review the new STAR program design and will also introduce the different elements, levels of progression, and provide tips for teaching and assessing STAR skills. Participants will also be lead through a variety of new and effective program delivery formats.

Quality Jumps: Triples & Quads

– Presented by Joanne McLeod
Joanne’s expertise and proven ability to teach quality jumps promises to be a workshop you definitely want to attend! Joanne will work with Emily Bausback, a pre-novice skater who learned all triples in just eight months. They will share exercises that feed motor-coordination, generating quickness and rotational force.

Analyzing Pair Elements

– Presented by Bruno Marcotte
Come learn some of Bruno’s finest tricks to properly detect and correct pair elements. Using real video examples, Bruno will review and discuss a series of elements and will show you what it takes for your teams to execute quality pair elements to its maximum potential.

Ice Dance: Edges & Turns

– Presented by Paul MacIntosh
Take part in this moving workshop where Paul will highlight basic principles and techniques to build quality edges and turns on a set pattern. He will also share tips for effective ice utilization, variation of technique and style for dance programs at all levels.

Advanced Spins

– Presented by Joanne McLeod
Creative and innovative, Joanne will share her knowledge on technique for quality spins and will also review the necessary features in basic to more advanced spins.

Brand Yourself for Success

– Presented Debra Armstrong, Skate Canada’s Chief Operating Officer
In this workshop, you will learn how to build and promote your personal and professional brand. With Debra’s impressive career path and experience, she will share some great information on how to successfully represent your brand as well as the Skate Canada brand to skaters and parents.

Friday Workshops

Monitoring Athletes: Best Practices for Coaches and Officials

– Presented by Mike Slipchuk and Benoit Lavoie | 8:30 – 9:45 Room 3
Join Skate Canada’s High Performance Director, Mike Slipchuk, and Benoit Lavoie, a highly respected ISU official as they examine best practices to be used when monitoring athletes in their daily training environment. It will cover how to prepare for a monitoring session, what to expect during the session, as well as the do’s and don’ts of what skaters, officials, and coaches should do during a monitoring session. Workshop format will include a power point presentation, as well as time for a Q & A session.

Maximizing a Skater’s Potential Score: A Judge’s Point of View

– Presented by Karen Howard | 10:15 – 11:30 Room 3
This session will examine the potential of maximizing a skater’s score through effective planning of GOE’s with the positive aspects guidelines while also understanding the criteria used in awarding program component scores – how can these work together to benefit the skater? Workshop format will include a power point presentation, guest panel discussion as well as time for a Q & A session.

Inclusive Skating: Working Together

– Presented by Sally Rehorick, Stacey Rouse Charleton and Janice Hunter| 14:45 – 16:00 Room 5
Let’s come together to learn how clubs and sections are working with our Inclusive Skating Communities. We will learn how clubs incorporate the athletes into the club and community. Hear the success story of Skate Canada’s first Sledge participants in the CanSkate program. This session will provide tips on how to include all skaters into your club’s programming – whether they are athletes with a disability or special Olympians all athletes have a place in Inclusive Skating. Learn how Skate Canada and Special Olympics Canada are working together to align the event systems to allow for greater event opportunities for the athletes. These are exciting times and a great deal has developed in the past year! Let’s keep the momentum going!

STAR 1-5: Launching a new era of Skater Development

– Presented by Monica Lockie | 8:30 – 9:45 and 10:15 – 11:30 Room 1
This is the dawn of a new era in skater development. STAR 1-5 content has been enhanced and reorganized to streamline the development of skaters on their pathway to personal excellence. Roadblocks and barriers for progression has been removed and skaters will now be rewarded for high quality skill performance. Join us to learn what the new program looks like and what resources and training will be available to all clubs and coaches.

Taking CanSkate from Good to Great: Creative Solutions for Coaches

– Presented by Mary-Liz Wiley and CanSkate Resource Team members | 10:15 – 11:30 Room 4
We are happy to see that the new CanSkate program is taking hold across the country. Are you now ready to take your program from good to great? Are you meeting many of the delivery standards but still have questions about certain areas? Do you need some refreshing new ideas? Want to inject new life into your sessions? Then this workshop is for you. Hear from coaches across Canada about how they are solving their CanSkate dilemmas, addressing on-ice situations as they arise and adopting new ideas to make their programs more effective, efficient and fun. Topics will include On-ice Formats, Coaching on a Circuit, Adapting Circuits for Various Levels, Creative Fun Zones, Warm-ups & Cool-Downs, Music Selection and PA Training. Do you have some of your own tried-and-true tips and tricks? Come share them with us in this fun and interactive workshop!

Partnership Pilots Ready for Take-Off

– Presented by Joan Bard Miller and Joel Lenius | 8:30 – 9:45 Room 2
In this workshop you will learn about the learn-to-skate pilot programs that have been in the works at Skate Canada with delivery partners such as schools, minor hockey associations and charities. You will also find out how you and your club can lead a pilot program in your community, using a variety of resources including the new Partner Programming Toolkit.

Effective Tools & Resources to Recruit and Retain Officials

– Presented by Beth Liverman and Sheila Beard | 14:45 – 16:00 Room 3
Improved membership retention of athletes in our advanced (non-CanSkate) programs has been identified as one of Skate Canada’s strategic initiatives. The success of this initiative relies heavily on the ability of our officials’ community to service the organization’s growing test and competition needs. Join us as we continue the journey we started last year in Winnipeg with the Officials Expansion workshop. This year an update will be provided on the tools and resources developed to help expand our current pool of officials. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about and provide feedback on the new and improved officials development pathway, new Section Level Singles Judge training program, continuing education opportunities with the National Performance Centre and part one of a Recruitment and Retention Toolkit.

Successes in Scheduling: Clubs Working Together

– Presented by Monica Lockie | 14:45 – 16:00 Room 1
This interactive workshop will explore different strategies clubs can use to maximize ice for better skating development and program delivery. Topics will include importance and effectiveness of off-ice training, sharing ice with other programs, collaborating with neighbouring clubs for optimum scheduling so skaters can skate more often, creating centralized training and more. Bring your challenges, wishes and best practices for a chance to share, brainstorm and solve scheduling challenges.

From Grassroots to High Performance

– Presented by Joanne McLeod | 10:15 – 11:30 Room 5
This workshop will guide Skate Canada Clubs and Schools through the process of creating an avenue and environment for young skaters to grow and develop into successful competitive athletes. All angles will be covered – from the children who just love to participate, to parents who look for quality programs, to clubs that need revenue, to coaches who wish to develop and feel purposeful – remembering that in the end the child will only continue to skate if their experience is positive, enjoyable and rewarding. Having great success with her own high performance centre, Joanne will present her curriculum of ideas, formulas and schedule templates to help clubs and coaches get started on their journey.

Accessing Grant Money: Tips & Best Practices

– Presented by Joan Bard Miller and Paul Mallet | 10:15 – 11:30 Room 2
In this interactive workshop participants will learn about the basic strategies for finding potential funding sources, soliciting support from community partners, writing a grant application and preparing a budget. You will also get to practice responding to some typical questions that appear on grant applications.

Skate Canada Financial Overview

– Presented by Debra Armstrong | 8:30 – 9:45 Room 4
This Q & A session will be an opportunity for an open and transparent discussion regarding the financial health of Skate Canada. We look forward to sharing the audited financial statements for 2015-2016, discussing the budget development process, and outlining the work of the Finance & Enterprise Risk Management Committee during the past season. Bring your enthusiasm for financial queries!

Rising to the Challenge with Synchronized Skating: How to Build a Tradition and Take Your Club to New Heights

– Presented by Susan Thistle and Lindsay Hillier | 14:45 – 16:00 Room 4
Synchronized skating in Newfoundland and Labrador has been likened to the ‘little engine that could’, steadily increasing over the years to over 40 teams in 2015-2016. In a section the size of NL, this is truly an accomplishment. Join NL synchro representative Susan Thistle and Skate Canada coach Lindsay Hillier as they document how a great tradition has been built in the province over the years, and how NL has been successful in building and keeping teams participating – some for over two decades. They will share their stories, experiences and best practices for keeping synchro vibrant in their communities.

Practical Sports Nutrition for High Performance Skaters: Decoding the Science to Nutrition Strategies

– Presented by Angela Dufour | 8:30 – 9:45 Room 5
Join Angela Dufour, Registered Sports Dietitian for an engaging session on the importance of proper nutrition for optimal performance on the ice!   With over 17 years’ experience in health and wellness and high performance sport,  she will provide practical suggestions on when and what to eat and how to choose appropriate foods for optimal health and immune function, while maximizing training and recovery for skaters.  Based on the most up to date, credible research, Angela will translate the science of skating sport nutrition into practical suggestions on how skaters can achieve adequate energy intake with appropriate types and timing of nutrients that can prevent illness while unveiling the elite potential of your athletes!  De-mystifying important sport specific topics such as: “Are nutritional supplements necessary ?” and “how do I choose adequate sports foods to support training and recovery?” will be discussed along with how to practically plan for training and competitions.  Come ready to explore the science behind fueling high performance skaters and how you can promote and support optimal eating and sports nutrition with your athletes!

Bylaw Amendment Review and Discussion

14:45 – 16:00 Room 2
This moderated workshop is an opportunity to dialogue and ask questions related to any amendments, repeals and additions being considered by the Membership at the Annual General Meeting.