Ice Summit 2016. Converge. Connect. Collaborate.

MAY 25 – 28, 2016
St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
Formerly the ACGM and NCC

Frequently Asked Questions


Although the workshops are targeted to Skate Canada Club Executives, Coaches, Volunteers, Officials, and Club and Skating School administrators, anyone with an interest in the delivery of skating and figure skating can register to attend the Ice Summit workshops

You will need to know what social functions and workshops you are interested in attending. You also need to either have a valid credit card or paypal account to complete payment.
Registration includes access to all workshops. There are additional fees for all social events.
Yes. All fees for workshop and social function attendance can be found within the registration page
Within registration, once you have selected your conference package (2-day or 3-day) and which social functions you wish to attend, you will then be taken to a page where you will be able to select your workshops.
Travel is not included in the Ice Summit. Participants are responsible for booking their own travel.
    • Once you complete online registration to attend the Ice Summit, you will be sent an email containing a summary of all workshops you identified attending, as well as tickets to all social functions you selected. You will need to bring these items with you.
    • Once you arrive at the Ice Summit, proceed to registration where we will check you in, and provide you any additional items you will require during the conference.

Live Stream

At this time, the following items are being live streamed:

      • Meet the Candidates (Friday, May 27 – 13:00 – 14:30)
      • Annual General Meeting (Saturday, May 28 – 12:30 – 17:00)
The live stream will be available on the live stream page.

Annual General Meeting

Clubs and Skating Schools

      • Each represented by a voting delegate.
      • No proxy voting.
      • Delegate does not need to be a Skate Canada Registrant, but does need to be of legal voting age.
      • An individual may be a delegate for only one club
      • A Certified Professional Coach can carry their own vote and act as Delegate for a Club or Skating School


      • All coaches vote directly, and not through a Section Coaching Representative
      • A Certified Professional Coach can carry their own vote and act as Delegate for a Club or Skating School

Clubs and Skating schools

Total Registrants at end of 2014/2015 season Total # of votes
0 – 299 15
300 or more 40


1 vote each

      • Delegates voting on behalf of a Member Club or Skating School
      • Certified Professional Coaches

The Board of Directors, Section Chairs, all National and Section Office employees, Honorary Associates, all Registrants and Registered but not yet Certified Skating Coaches can attend the meeting but will not have a vote.

A person wishing to attend the Annual General Meeting as a delegate for a club or skating school, will declare as a delegate while registering for the Ice Summit, or by following this link, even if they are planning on attending the meeting remotely.

They will be required to enter the Skate Canada number of the club or skating school they are representing when prompted. Upon completion of delegate declaration, the club or skating school will receive an email asking to confirm the identity of the delegate. Once that is complete the delegate will receive confirmation that they are the delegate for that club or skating school as well as information on how to vote.

A coach wishing to attend the Annual General Meeting with the intent to vote, will declare this while registering for the Ice Summit or by following this link, even if they are planning on attending the meeting remotely.

They will be required to enter their Skate Canada number when prompted. Upon completion intent to vote declaration, a confirmation email will be sent to the coach as a security measure. Once they have confirmed their identity, they will receive information on how to vote.

All Club and Skating School delegates, Certified Professional Coaches and identified Observers have the choice to attend the meeting in person or remotely via an online and interactive meeting platform.

One hundred and twenty-five (125) Persons Entitled to Vote present in person or present through the telephonic, electronic or other communication facility provided by Skate Canada and representing as least two thousand (2,000) votes shall constitute a quorum.

A secure, online voting system will be used by all voting delegates, whether attending the meeting remotely or in person. This is the same system that was successfully used at the 2014 and 2015 AGM, and the 2014 Special General Meeting.

The voting system will have vote weighting included so that exact vote totals can be recorded.

      • The meeting platform and voting platform are two separate systems.
      • Those attending remotely will receive instructions on how to attend in advance of the meeting.
      • Those attending remotely will be required to log into the meeting so that attendance can be recorded for determining quorum is met.
      • All declared Club and Skating School delegates and Coaches who have declared to vote will receive instructions on how to vote in advance of the meeting
      • All items outlined here are fully outlined in the current Skate Canada Bylaws:
      • Any questions on meeting attendance or voting: [email protected]