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Are you a fan of figure skating?

Whether you consider yourself a skating expert or can’t tell an Axel from a Lutz, however you express your interest and dedication to our sport, Skate Canada welcomes you into the skating family.

Our job at Skate Canada is a BIG one.

The organization provides all levels of programming for clubs across the country. But our work doesn’t stop there.  We train coaches and judges, develop mentorship and leadership programs for our members, and create, produce and manage events. We also support Canada’s national, international and Olympic teams, celebrate skating history, and build relationships with other national and international sport governing bodies.

We are driven by one over-arching goal – to inspire all Canadians to embrace the joy of skating.

As we commit the organization to another Olympic quadrennial, we realize the road ahead will require the very best of us all: vision, planning, goal setting, perseverance and investment. As the clubs do their hard work producing athletes and creating leaders in our sport, Skate Canada wants to offer support by investing in their dreams too, dreams that can come to life both on and off the ice.

To reinforce that goal, in the fall of 2015, Skate Canada developed the Skate Canada Fund, inspired by a grant given by the Canadian Olympic Committee to assist national sport organizations in attaining community financial support.

Since then, and with help from people like you, we have raised nearly $100,000, all of it invested back into the sport to enhance programming, services, and delivery; and to build quality and support for new educational opportunities.

Generosity has come from everywhere! From former skaters wanting to pay back, from volunteers grateful for the skills skating has taught them and from amazing fans who appreciate the sacrifice and dedication it takes to be among the best. Some give in memory of others, some donate for special occasions like birthdays or Mother’s Day, some want to feel they’re part of our elite team’s journey to the podium.

It doesn’t matter where your motivation comes from. By donating to the Skate Canada Fund, you make the entire skating family stronger. And depending on your specific interest, you can direct your contribution to any of these funds, Skate to Win Fund; Skate for Life Fund; Coach Fund; Officials Fund; or Leadership Fund.

For more details and for information about how you can contribute to skating in Canada, visit the Skate Canada Fund at

Donate Now

Thank you for your love of skating!

Debra Armstrong,
Chief Executive Officer, Skate Canada

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Skate For Life. Skate To Win.
Together, they represent Skate Canada’s vision of inspiring every Canadian to embrace the joy of skating.

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