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Officials are valued members of Skate Canada who donate their time, knowledge and expertise to assist in the development of our athletes. They are involved in skating because of their love of the sport, volunteerism, and to assist in the development of skaters across the country. There are different types of officials, who fall into three main categories: judges/evaluators, technical panel officials and data specialists.

Officials provide their expertise in various capacities within the organization, including officiating at test days and events, monitoring skaters and leading clinics.

You will find more information on Skate Canada officials and how to become an official in this section.

“We like to say we have the best officials in the world.”
Norm Proft, Skate Canada
“Giving back to skating as a volunteer is just one of the reasons why I am an evaluator. The main reason is that I know that at the end of the day, I have made a difference in the life of a skater.”
Donna Bierko, Judge/Evaluator
Honoured Officials

Categories of Officials


Assess the quality of the elements and performance of a skater or team in a competition/test.


Acts as chairperson of the judges’ panel and arbiter in policy or procedure disputes. At smaller events, the referee will typically act as both referee and one of the judges.

Technical Controller and Technical Specialist

Working as a team, they are responsible for the correct identification of elements and level of difficulty when attempted by skaters and teams in competition.

Data Specialist

Responsible for calculating the marks awarded by the judges and technical panel and tabulating the final result.

Become an Official

Love Skating? Make it Official!

There are many types of officials in skating; therefore there are many pathways to becoming an official. All candidates must be 16 years of age or older, but may be younger than sixteen when they begin their training.

All officials must attend training clinics and pass both written and practical exams at each level. For judges and technical panel officials there is individualized training for each discipline – singles, pairs, ice dance and synchronized skating

Who can become an Official?

STAR 1-4 Judge

Parents, Primary STARSkate certified coaches (with 2 years experience), current and former skaters.
Anyone who loves skating – no previous skating experience required!

STAR 5 Judge/Evaluator and higher

Are usually former skaters or coaches.
Must have a skating background*

Technical Controller and Technical Specialist

Recruited from athletes, coaches, Skate Canada judges and referees.
Must have a skating background*

Data Specialist

Are usually parents, current or former skaters and former coaches.
Anyone who loves skating – no previous skating experience required!

*Skating Background Definitions

  • Any two of Junior Bronze Free Skating, Skills, Dance; or
  • Any one of Senior Bronze Free Skating, Skills, Dance or a Juvenile Competitive test; or
  • Any one higher level test

Why become an Official?

Skate Canada officials

For the love of skating. To stay involved and give back to the sport. To be part of a community!

“My life has been enriched through the wonderful judging experiences, lifelong friendships, and the immense satisfaction I have received from working with parents, coaches, volunteers, and in particular, the skaters.”
Richard Vallee, Judge/Evaluator
“I really enjoy being part of a team where everyone is dedicated to the sport, works hard and looks out for each other, and pulls together when needed.”
Lyse Prendergast, Data Specialist
“Being an official is a bigger time commitment and involves more hard work than most people probably realize, but it’s also much more rewarding than I ever anticipated.”
Chelsey Schaffel, Synchronized Skating Technical Specialist/Technical Controller/Judge

How do I become an Official?

The Skate Canada Sections are responsible for training new officials. If you are interested in pursuing one of these rewarding volunteer activities please contact your section office or section officials’ representative.

The specific regulations regarding how to become an official are outlined in the Officials Definition Appointment and Qualification procedure (OAQ).

Contact Your Section Office to Become an Official