Skate Canada Hall of Fame

Since 1990, The Skate Canada Hall of Fame has been paying tribute to athletes, coaches, builders and officials who have made a significant impact on Canadian figure skating. Each year, nominations are reviewed by the Hall of Fame Committee and a maximum of ten inductees are honoured in each Olympic quadrennial. Often, the induction ceremonies are held in conjunction with the national championships but can also occur at other competitions and Skate Canada Meetings. While there is no permanent home for the Hall of Fame, the archives of the Skate Canada national office houses the many different historical and archival artifacts.

The Skate Canada Archives were created to collect, preserve, study and interpret artifacts and archival materials which are historically significant to figure skating in Canada. More than 2500 photographs, 500 videotapes, as well as trophies, plaques, textual materials, medals, pins, and skates comprise the current collection. The collections are available for consultation by appointment with the archivist.

Honoured Members Year Category
Steve Milton 2017 Builder
Jennifer Robinson 2017 Athlete
Marie-France Dubreuil/Patrice Lauzon 2017 Athletes
Eric Gillies/Josée Picard 2017 Professional
Brian Pockar 2012 Athlete
Sarah Kawahara 2015 Professional
Ron Vincent 2017 Builder
Louise Bertram/Stewart Reburn 2015 Athletes
Richard Gauthier 2015 Professional
Cathy Dalton 2015 Builder
2009 NEXXICE Synchronized Skating Team 2015 Athletes
Jeffrey Buttle 2012 Athlete
John Knebli 2012 Builder
Lori Nichol 2012 Professional
Kerry Leitch 2012 Professional
Norman Scott 2012 Builder
George Meagher 2010 Athlete
Wendy Griner 2010 Athlete
Sandra Bezic 2010 Professional
William (Bill) Ostapchuk 2010 Builder
Hellmut May 2010 Professional
Bill Dowding 2010 Builder
Wilf Langevin 2010 Builder
Ann Shaw 2010 Builder
David Dore 2008 Builder
Marijane Stong 2008 Professional
Donald Knight 2008 Athlete
George Gross 2008 Builder
Jim Proudfoot 2008 Builder
Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz 2007 Athlete
Bernard Ford 2007 Builder
Jamie Salé and David Pelletier 2006 Athlete
Dennis Silverthorne 2006 Builder
Dr. Charles Snelling 2005 Athlete
Louis Stong 2005 Builder
Elvis Stojko 2004 Athlete
Tracy Wilson and Robert McCall 2003 Athlete
Barbara Graham 2003 Builder
Michael Jiranek 2003 Builder
Elizabeth Manley 2001 Athlete
Debbi Wilkes & Guy Revell 2001 Athlete
F. K. J. (Joe) Geisler 2001 Builder
Sonya & Peter Dunfield 2001 Coach
Isabelle Brasseur & Lloyd Eisler 2000 Athlete
Kurt Browning 2000 Athlete
Tom Collins 2000 Builder
Gordon Garden 1999 Official
Petra Burka 1997 Athlete
Toller Cranston 1997 Athlete
Brian Orser 1997 Athlete
Barbara Underhill & Paul Martini 1997 Athlete
Johnny Esaw 1997 Builder
John McKay 1997 Builder
Doug Leigh 1997 Coach
Jean Westwood 1997 Coach
Joyce Hisey 1997 Official
Joan Maclagan 1997 Official
Geraldine Fenton & William McLachlan & Virginia Thompson 1996 Athlete
Karen Magnussen 1996 Athlete
Billie Mitchell 1996 Builder
Linda Brauckmann 1996 Coach
Donald Gilchrist 1996 Official
Donald McPherson 1995 Athlete
Mary Rose Thacker 1995 Athlete
Elizabeth Swan 1995 Builder
Osborne Colson 1995 Coach
Isabelle Henderson 1995 Official
Maria & Otto Jelinek 1994 Athlete
Ralph McCreath 1994 Athlete
Peter Mumford 1994 Builder
Margaret & Bruce Hyland 1994 Coach
Norman Gregory 1994 Official
Frances Dafoe & Norris Bowden 1993 Athlete
Barbara Wagner & Robert Paul 1993 Athlete
Charles Cumming 1993 Builder
Gustave Lussi 1993 Coach
Nigel Stephens 1993 Official
Suzanne (Morrow) Francis & Wallace Distelmeyer 1992 Athlete
Donald Jackson 1992 Athlete
Granville Mayall 1992 Builder
Ellen Burka 1992 Coach
Dr. Sidney Soanes 1992 Official
Barbara Ann Scott 1991 Athlete
Cecil Smith Hedstrom 1991 Athlete
George Blundun 1991 Builder
Sheldon Galbraith 1991 Coach
Donald Cruikshank 1991 Official
Constance Wilson-Samuel 1990 Athlete
Montgomery (Bud) Wilson 1990 Athlete
Melville (Mev) Rogers 1990 Builder
Louis Rubenstein 1990 Builder
Otto Gold 1990 Coach