OTTAWA, ON: Canada will have two junior synchronized skating teams competing at the 2016 ISU Junior World Challenge Cup in Zagreb, Croatia, from March 10-12. Les Suprêmes junior from Quebec and NEXXICE junior, from Western Ontario, will represent Canada at the event. Zagreb will host 20 of the top junior synchronized skating teams from 15 countries. The event runs in conjunction with the Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy synchronized skating competition which features novice and senior events.

Canadian junior silver medallists, Les Suprêmes are the first Canadian entry. Les Suprêmes qualified as the first Canadian entry by winning Skate Canada Central Ontario’s annual Winterfest competition. They have previously competed at this event in 2014, winning silver, and in 2012, winning bronze. Last year, they won the bronze medal at the 2015 ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships. This season, the representatives of CPA Saint-Léonard won gold at the 2016 French Cup. Les Suprêmes junior are coached by Marilyn Langlois, assisted by Pascal Denis, Amélie Brochu, and Kassandra Patenaude.

Nexxice Junior


Canadian champions NEXXICE junior are the second Canadian entry, having won silver at Skate Canada Central Ontario’s Winterfest. NEXXICE junior previously competed at this event in 2012, placing sixth. Last year, the representatives of the Burlington Skating Centre placed fifth at the 2015 ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships. This season, NEXXICE junior won silver at the 2016 Neuchâtel Trophy. NEXXICE junior are coached by Trish Perdue-Mills.

Susan Morriss, of Victoria, B.C., will be the Canadian team manager at the event. Dr. Ed Pilat of Winnipeg, Man., will be the Canadian team doctor and Sylvia Ciurysek of Berwyn, Alta., will be the team physiotherapist.

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