Grenadier Pond, Toronto

For the first time since 2001, it is now legal to skate on the pond in Toronto’s High Park. There are red flags, however – and we mean that literally. City workers test the ice daily. If it deemed unsafe, a red flag is planted. Officials say the ice is safe to skate on only five or ten days during a cold winter.

Lake Windermere Whiteway, BC

OK, so you can’t exactly get here by streetcar, but the Whiteway is right up there with Banff and Grouse Mountain when it comes to skating with a view. And it’s got some length – at 29.8 kilometres around the lake, Guinness recently declared the Whiteway is the longest naturally-frozen skating trail in the world. A path six metres wide is cleared for skaters, and if you’re in shape – or Clara Hughes – you can do the trek in a couple of hours.

Arrowhead Ice Skating Trail, Muskoka

Located in the Ontario Muskokas, this used to be cottage country’s best-kept skating secret. Not anymore. Thousands turn out annually to glide majestically through a 1.3 kilometre maze of trees and natural beauty that has been dubbed a “fairy-tale ice trail.