2015 NCC Presenter Biographies

Shelley Barnett
Shelley Barnett is a NCCP Level 3 Certified Coach. She has been coaching for over 30 years and has been the head coach of NEXXICE Senior since 2001 when the team first formed. She is also the Director of NEXXICE Synchronized Skating Teams. NEXXICE Senior was once again crowned Canadian Champions in 2015 with their 9th consecutive National championship, under the leadership of Shelley Barnett. Shelley also coached NEXXICE to a World Silver Medal in 2014, 2013 and 2012 and they were crowned World Champions in 2009. Shelley has also received numerous Petro Canada Coaching Excellence Awards throughout her career.

Tracy Wilson
Tracy Wilson is a seven-time Canadian dance champion with the late Bob McCall, Wilson captured three World Championships and a bronze medal at the Calgary 1988 Olympic Winter Games before turning professional in 1989. Tracy then began her broadcasting career in 1990, and has covered four Olympic Games for CBS and figure skating analyst for NBC during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. She established herself as one of world’s most in-demand figure skating broadcasters. She also appears as an analyst for coverage of Skate Canada International and the Canadian Figure Skating Championships on TSN and CTV.

Manon Perron
Manon Perron is the coach of Joannie Rochette, a Canadian champion, a gold medallist at the World Championships and an Olympics bronze medallist. Manon has been performing her duties for more than 30 years and is NCCP Level 4 certified. She has enjoyed tremendous success with her skaters at all levels, ranging from section championships to international competitions. She won the Skate Canada Competitive Coach of the Year Award in 2007 and 2010, and was the first winner of GM Canada’s Making Dreams Possible program, as Joannie Rochette’s coach. Manon is currently giving seminars to coaches and athletes all over Canada and internationally. She is also a mentor coach in Skate Canada’s High Performance Mentorship Program.

Lee Barkell
Lee Barkell is an NCCP Level 5 Certified coach with over 25 years of coaching experience in singles and pairs at the National, International, World and Olympic level. Throughout his coaching career, Lee attended 3 Olympic Games (2002, 2006, 2010), 10 World Championships, 20 Junior World Championships, and 23 Canadian National Championships. He has coached skaters to over 90 National and International Medals, notably Jeff Buttle and Nobunari Oda. Lee currently instructs at numerous National and International Coach/Skater Seminars.

Paul MacIntosh
Paul MacIntosh is an NCCP Level 5 Certified coach with over 27 years of experience. Paul has coached many skaters to the national and international levels including Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, the 2010 Olympic Champions, coaching them to their 1st International Competition and Junior World Championship, as well as Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje, coaching them to their 1st World Championships. He is currently the Chair of Skate Canada’s Coaching Development Committee and is certified NCCP Master Learning Facilitator.
“Coaches should always teach with energy and commitment during every training session, you don’t know if you are teaching an athlete who is looking for exercise and personal challenges or maybe even the next Olympic Champion. Athletes of all abilities deserve your best” – Paul MacIntosh

Keegan Murphy
Keegan Murphy is an NCCP Level 3 Certified Coach, with 10 years of experience. He is not only a coach but also choreographer at the National and International levels and has attended the Junior World Championships. Beyond his coaching career, Keegan uses his knowledge as a National level Technical Specialist as one of his strong points with his skaters. Keegan is also a current member of the Coaching Development Committee.

Laurene Collin-Knoblauch
Laurene Collin-Knoblauch is a NCCP Level 3 Certified Coach to multiple National medallist and champions. She was also a former National Team Member and International Medallist. She is currently an ISU Technical Specialist and member of the Coaching Development Committee.
“To encourage and develop skaters to reach their potential through hard work and dedication in a safe, healthy and positive learning environment.” – Laurene Collin-Knoblauch

Pascal Denis
Pascal Denis is an NCCP Level 3 certified coach with 22 years of experience. He has coached multiple Canadian and International ice dance couples at the International, World and Olympic levels. He is also currently coaching Les Suprêmes, junior and senior who have finished 3rd and 6th respectively at the World Synchronized Skating Championships last season. Pascal is also member of the Skate Canada Coaching Development Committee.
“Il faut donner à nos athlètes l’opportunité de se développer dans un environnement complet et positif afin qu’ils deviennent des adultes bien outillés à la fin de leur carrière” – Pascal Denis

Raoul Leblanc
Raoul Leblanc is an NCCP Level 3 Certified, Gold CEP Status coach. He is an ISU Technical Specialist, Skate Canada Technical Panel seminar moderator for Sectional level officials, and member of the Coaching Development Committee. He has previously presented at multiple International, National and Sectional events. Raoul currently also works part-time as Director of Development for Skate Canada New Brunswick. Raoul is also a former Official’s Development Committee member; Technical Official’s Committee Member, and has officiated in over 125 competitions World-Wide. Raoul was also the 2015 Canada Winter Games NB Team Coach.

Chris Stokes
Chris Stokes is an NCCP Level 3 Certified Coach with 31 years of coaching experience. Chris is also a technical controller and specialist in singles and synchronized skating. He is member of the Coaching Development Committee, COS Section Coaching Representative, CanSkate University graduate in 2014 and National Coaches Apprenticeship Program participant in 2015.
“A coach is more than just someone who teaches an athlete technical skills. We are responsible for contributing to the development of a person. We teach life skills that our skaters will keep with them long after they leave our sport. We have a responsibility to our skaters and their parents to lead by example. We need to be the best people that we can be!” – Chris Stokes

Megan Svistovski
Megan Svistovski is an NCCP Provincial Certified Coach. She is a member of the Coaching Development Committee, the Skate for Life Imperative Team and CanSkate Resource Team. She is also a Learning Facilitator for CanSkate, Sport Manitoba and CAAWS Women & Leadership and was also a participant at the 2015 National Coaches Apprenticeship Program.
“As a coach, I feel so lucky to be the one who is there for the start of a career. These skaters that begin with us and our program have all of the opportunity in the world and it is up to us to keep those opportunities accessible to them. Not only are the on-ice skills our job to teach, but the modeling, mentoring and leading shapes the future of our sport. We are the experts, and it is up to each of us to keep informed, interested and EXCITED about what we do. If we are not enthusiastic, there is no way that our skaters will grow and develop into what they could be.” – Megan Svistovski

Mary-Liz Wiley
Mary Liz Wiley is an NCCP Level 3 Certified. She is also an NCCP Learning Facilitator, a presenter for multiple Sectional and National events, a member of the CanSkate Resource Team and Coach Development Committee. Mary Liz is the Head Coach of the Regional Development Program and Regional Coaching Representative.
“Coaching skating is a privilege. It is an opportunity to inspire and BE inspired – to teach and Be taught, to challenge and BE challenged, to amuse and BE amused, to reach and to reach even higher….make a difference!” – Mary Liz Wiley

Melody Davidson
Melody Davidson is a two time Olympic gold medal coach (2006 and 2010) for the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team. She is also an NCCP Level 4 Certified Coach, graduate of the National Coaching Institute, and inductee of the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame. She has also been named general manager of National Women’s Team Programs in July 2013, and has guided multiple teams to the podium at National, International, World Championships and Olympic Games. Melody has won numerous awards in her career but is the only person to be named to the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity’s most influential women list for five straight years.

Mark Pillay
Mark Pillay is a World and Olympic level choreographer. Although Mark’s skating career began in Saskatchewan, Mark is now based out of Vancouver. Some of Mark’s choreography credits include Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior and Senior National Champions of Canada, ISU Junior and Senior Grand Prix Finalists and Grand Prix Medalists and Olympic Medalists (2014). Mark currently holds an Honours degree in Psychology and an Extended Minor in Contemporary Dance from Simon Fraser University. Mark is currently completing a Graduate Degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia.

Monica Lockie
Monica Lockie is an NCCP Level 3 Certified with 30 years of experience. She is currently the Director for Skate Canada’s National Performance Centres and owner/director of 8 Points Centre of Excellence. Other areas of involvement include being a section level Technical Specialist and a Master Learning Facilitator for the NCCP CanSkate and Primary STARSkate programs, Intermediate STARSkate/Provincial Level coaches program and the new upcoming Competition-Development National Coach program that will replace Level 3. A seasoned national and section workshop presenter, Monica contributed many hours as a volunteer, as Chair of Skate Canada’s National Development Coaching Committee, and National Board of Directors. She is heavily involved in the program implementation phase of LTAD, particularly with the revisions to the CanSkate and STARSkate programs.

Tanya Dubnicoff
Tanya Dubnicoff is one of Canada’s Olympic medal-winning female coaches. With her athletic cycling experiences culminating over 25 years to include World Champion, world record holder and a 3 time Olympian in sprint cycling. Tanya was for a decade, the only female coach at the international level. She has guided athletes to National Championships, World Championships and two Olympic Games, where she led her program to win a bronze medal in Women’s Team Pursuit at the 2012 Olympics. Post-Olympics, Tanya has shifted gears from assisting athletes in competitive sport to sharing through executive coaching. Tanya has coached a wide range of leaders from front line managers to COO’s in Retail, Immigration, Sport, Finance, Graphic Design and Education across the country.