Partners in Progress!

On behalf of Skate Canada, I invite you to join us in Winnipeg for the 2015 Annual Convention, General Meeting and National Coaches’ Conference.

Skating is part of the cultural fabric of Canadian society. 2015 is the Year of Sport in Canada and as one of the oldest sporting associations in the country, we are proud to celebrate our integral role as sport leaders. We have accomplished many things together: wonderful feats of sport; athleticism; foundation building; coaching excellence; and touching the hearts and minds of Canadians. As indicated by our theme, Partners in Progress, together we will continue to accomplish many more firsts, feats and phenomenal successes.

Leanna_CarronPartnerships are identified as critical to our success in the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan. We salute and appreciate each and every one of you, from our clubs to our funding bodies, corporate partners and service providers. As with any large and complex association, there are many moving parts in the Skate Canada engine with each part playing a key role. If even the smallest part is missing, the engine will not function as it should. Our many volunteers and coaches are valuable partners and represent the heart of this engine! You contribute your time, energy, and expertise at the national, sectional, club and community levels.

At this year’s ACGM and NCC we invite you to learn more about the new tools that we have developed to support and facilitate moving Canadian skating forward. Join us for sessions from branding and e-learning tools, to technical updates for coaches and skating practitioners, through to expanding your skating club’s circle of influence and how to turn that into broader community engagement and partnerships. At Saturday’s AGM, as a result of our new bylaws, we welcome our coaches as full voting members of our association for the first time.

I hope you will join us in Winnipeg, where we have a wonderful program prepared for you.

Together, as partners in progress, the future looks bright!

Leanna Caron
Skate Canada


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